Micah Joseph Wirth


Micah Joseph Wirth is the fourth generation in a family of wine pioneers. Raised in Alexander Valley, Micah’s interest in wines started at age 8 when he accompanied his winemaker father Chris Wirth to work at Preston Vineyards. Once he’d gotten tall enough to lend a hand, Micah learned the basics of winemaking from his father in the cellars and labs of ElvenGlade and Raptor Ridge in Oregon. The logical next step was enology classes at UC Davis and Santa Rosa Junior College, and then grueling 15-hour days of harvest internships at Chalk Hill and Gary Farrell. The hard work only fueled Micah’s passion for winemaking, however, and his ambition to start his own label when the time was right.

Micah’s work with well-known winemakers Gary Farrell and Susan Reed at Gary Farrell Winery was instrumental in helping secure the single ton of Toboni Vineyard pinot noir for Joseph Jewell’s first vintage. The success of that first release enabled Micah and Adrian to invest seriously in their passion, and grow their garage experiment into a 2500-case winery producing exceptional single-vineyard wines.