Wine Making

Think about the last time you opened a bottle of wine. Whether it was a celebration or the wine itself was the occasion, wine is meant to be shared together and always enjoyable when paired with food. Great wine works well with both.

Our goal is to create wines that are food-friendly, yet stand up well on their own- to let the vineyard and vintage shine in fruit-forward, elegant wines. We specialize in vineyard-designate wines, and use old-world styles of winemaking to create wines that reflect the Joseph Jewell style.

Because we believe good wine comes from good fruit, we treat the fruit with the utmost care. To do that, we start in each vineyard: carefully monitoring the grapes waiting until the perfect moment to pick them. For us this means, when the flavors are full, the sugars, acid and Ph are in balance- picking them at their peak, when each varietal will shine. We use state-of-the-art sorting tables and customized de-stemming equipment to ensure quality: whole berries with minimal jacks. Throughout the process, we treat the fruit very gently, even using hand punch-downs to keep the berries whole and not macerated.

Once we move to the barrel stage, we prefer gentle, gravity flow to fill our French oak barrels, matching toast levels of the barrels and specific forest to specific lots. We use French oak to age all of our red varietals.

We use techniques to enhance the inherent flavor and body of the wines, allowing them to shine through creating truly soulful wines. Gentle handling, careful tasting and our personal touches along the journey create wines that we are proud to call Joseph Jewell.