Hallberg Vineyard

In 2010 an opportunity presented itself to work with a new vineyard and man where we excited. We have developed a relationship with the owners and farmers of Hallberg Vineyard, which I have to say some of my favorite Pinot Noirs come from this fruit. The Emeritus 2007 Hallberg Ranch, Gary Farrell Winery’s 2007 Hallberg Pinot Noir Dijon Clone and Alysian’s 2007 Hallberg Pinot Noir Cross Roads, is what lead us to Hallberg Vineyard.

Hallberg Vineyard is the home ranch of Emeritus Vineyards, which provides the fruit for the Emeritus, Estate Bottled, Russian River Valley cuvée. This stunning site bears the name of the former owners, Don and Marcia Hallberg, who in 1999, with aging apple trees past their prime, sold the 115-acre orchard to Emeritus Vineyards. With soils and climate ideal for growing Pinot Noir, the land was returned to vineyards after 65 years and the Hallberg name continues as a hallmark of Russian River Valley agriculture. Kirk Lokka is the vineyard manager at Hallberg. He has a keen eye for detail and knows his vines better that anyone knows there own vines. We will be sourcing fruit from two different blocks, block C clone 777 and block I Pommard. The 2010 Hallberg wines are currently in bottle and tasting fantastic. We will be releasing our first Hallberg Vineyard Designate in the Spring of 2013.